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"Welcome to Coaches with Impact...

...where coaching meets community for meaningful change. Join us to connect, grow, and make a real difference. Explore valuable insights, forge powerful connections, and elevate your coaching practice. Together, let's create impact that resonates far beyond ourselves."

Francesco E. Carbone - Founder

Upcoming Events

The Coaching Circle

MONTHLY- with Anna Aslanova

17th of July 2024, 05:30pm CET – in Zoom

The Coaching Circle

RETREAT - in Girona, Barcelona

6th-8th of September 2024, Els Racons del Fort

"It's a wonderful group of outstanding professionals with diverse and deep knowledge. In other words, no matter what you need and what kind of approach makes sense – you'll find it in The Coaching Circle."

— Mareike Müller

We are a Global Movement

In the mission of bringing better Coaching to people, we are not alone. We operate in a global network of Volunteers, Coaches and people dedicated to personal growth.










Barcelona Chapter

Our community is founded in the thriving city of Barcelona. It`s gates opened in November 2023 with a handful of coaches. We are counting now almost 40 members in BCN. That makes it the strongest chapter in numbers as well. 

Let is know when you are in town and get to know the community.

This is just the beginning...

We are dedicated to building a global playground for coaches. And unconditional place to be. For you to meet and connect with fellow coaches all around the world.

No matter what place in the world you are, we are happy to welcome you and co-create the next chapter.

Berlin Chapter

Many of our Coaches have ties to Berlin. Right now we are counting around 15 Coaches in Berlin.

Berlin is one of the most important hubs in Europe in the world in terms of progressive work and society. It was a no-brainer to open the second chapter here in May 2024.

We are happy to tap into the endless innovation capacity of the folks working and living in Berlin.

Open the next chapter with us

Let's work together and co-create a global movement.

The world needs more coaches. Better quality and better matchmaking. We are here to bring exactly that. We thrive in diversity and therefore growing borderless.

I am an Individual

You want to find a community of likeminded folks, free events and workshops around personal growth or find your perfect coach. 

I am an Organisation

You have needs that go beyond just finding "a" coach for your organisation. You need a partner to tackle Coaching Projects.

I am a Coach

You are seraching for your home base as a freelance coach, for a place for reflect and connect with fellow practitioners.